Computer Replacement/Purchase Policy

This policy provides guidelines regarding the purchase, replacement, reallocation, and disposal of campus office or mobile computer systems. This policy applies to all fixed or mobile computer systems purchased with college or grant funds. 

Technology Purchases

All technology purchases must have the approval of the Associate Vice President for Technology and purchases must be processed through the IT department regardless of the funding source.

  • Purchase standards are updated two times per year.
  • All computer equipment is purchased with a 3-year vendor warranty.
  • Standard computer replacement cycle is four years.
  • Costs associated with items outside the college standards are the responsibility of the individual, department or division. Examples: Additional RAM, faster CPU, larger hard drive, multiple screens, etc.
  • Departments funding an equipment purchase must contact the IT Purchasing Coordinator at x6320.

Agnes Scott College is dedicated to sustainability and ensuring the technology utilized by the college is energy efficient and made through environmentally responsible methods.  Agnes Scott College will strive to purchase computers, monitors and laptops that are EnergyStar certified and/or rated EPEAT silver or higher whenever possible.

To learn more about the EPEAT computer rating system visit


IT currently supports specific makes and models of computers.  These systems are chosen to allow diversity in brands and operating systems, yet provide enough similarities that adequate support can be maintained.  Standardization reduces cost significantly through bulk purchasing discounts and vendor agreements.

General policy

  • Full-time employees, faculty and staff, are assigned one computer system under the Computer Replacement Policy.
  • Classroom computers are replaced at the same time faculty systems are replaced to maintain consistency.
  • Computer Lab computers are replaced as soon after the warranty expires as possible.
  • Faculty, classroom lectern, computer classrooms and science lab computers are replaced using IT operational funds.  Staff computers are replaced using the department operating budget where they work.
  • Exceptions allowing a faculty or staff member to have multiple computers that are covered under the Computer Replacement Policy, will be rare, made on a case-by-case basis and justified by completing the Computer Exception Request Form regardless of the funding source.
    • For a faculty member to use “start-up” funds or a department to use a portion of their budget or any other funding source to purchase additional computers, the Computer Exception Request Form must be completed, permission from the Vice President for Academic Affairs must be obtained and the approved form must be delivered to Information Technology. Approved purchases will be supported and maintained by the college for the term of the warranty.
    • Computing equipment purchased through “start-up” funds, departmental budgets or any non-recurring funds fall under the following guidelines.
      • They are not eligible for replacement as part of the central college renewal and replacement cycle, unless the faculty member has funds for this purpose.
      • The purchase of the equipment must follow the procedures established by the Office of Sponsored Programs, meet the College standards and be purchased through ITS.
      • A minimum 3-year warranty must be purchased on all computer equipment
      • The equipment will be inventoried as part of the college equipment database and must run the inventory management software client to ensure that when it is used on campus it is reporting to the inventory database.
      • To be allowed on the campus network, all systems must allow operating systems updates and have an approved anti-virus solution that is set to update automatically.
      • The faculty member or Department is responsible for the replacement of this computer.
      • The faculty member may continue to use this system after the warranty expires as long as operating system updates are processed and the approved anti-virus solution updates automatically, and with the understanding that any maintenance of the computer is the responsibility of the faculty member or department as described under the section below on “repairs and maintenance”
    • Virtual desktop or windows desktop systems will be provided for part-time employees.
    • The college computer replacement life cycle is 4 years
      • It is the college’s goal to replace faculty, classroom, computer labs and key support staff assigned computer systems.
      • While out of warranty computers can be cost-prohibitive to maintain and can pose a threat to the stability of the campus network infrastructure, Information Technology reserves the right to redistribute out of warranty assigned computers for lab and part-time faculty use if needed.
    • Faculty or staff will be allowed to purchase the out of warranty computer system they are using based on the following formula: (cost of computer – warranty cost – MS Office cost) / (age of computer +1).
      • Purchased desktops cannot be used on campus.
      • Purchased laptops can be used as a “mobile” device on campus but must meet the IT campus security policy requirements.
      • Purchased systems are “as is” with no warranty.
      • MS Office will be removed from the system as the license cannot be transferred.
    • Computer equipment is the property of Agnes Scott College, not the property of the employee, regardless of the funding source used to purchase the equipment.
    • Repairs and maintenance
      • Will be provided by the College on assigned computers purchased through the college Computer Replacement Policy or a purchase approved through the Computer Exception Request form.
      • All other systems will be supported at $65/hour
    • For environmental sustainability and safety reasons, all old systems must be returned to the IT department for disposal.
    • Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Associate Vice President for Technology.

Laptop Policy

  • Laptops will be issued to personnel whose positions require frequent off-campus travel or mobility within the campus. Laptop assignments beyond these two reasons will be decided on a case-by-case basis involving the immediate supervisor, division Vice President and Associate Vice President for Technology.
  • Only full-time members of the college community are eligible for consideration for laptops.
  • Any employee issued a laptop, must sign the Laptop Assignment/Use Agreement.

Laptop Security

  • College laptops are covered under the college’s insurance policy while on campus. It is the responsibility of users to ensure that their personal insurance provides replacement coverage for laptops taken off campus.
  • Laptops present an increased level of risk to both the user and to the institution. In requesting and accepting a laptop from the College, users are acknowledging their acceptance of this risk and agree to make every attempt to follow the steps outlined below to reduce it.
    • All laptops should be protected with secure passwords.
    • Confidential information stored in files on the laptop should be individually protected with secure passwords that are different from the laptop access passwords. Users who do not follow these guidelines are putting the institution at risk and may also be personally liable for any disclosure of covered information.
  • Computers or accessories lost or stolen will be replaced by the department or person assigned the equipment.
  • Faculty and staff who are assigned a mobile computing device will be required to sign a Laptop Assignment Agreement before taking possession of the equipment.

Out-of-Country Travel with Computing Equipment

Laptop computers, web-enabled cell phones, and other electronics containing encryption hardware or software and/or proprietary software can require an export license to certain destinations. In general, an export license will be required to take any items to or through any U.S. sanctioned country (e.g., Iran, Syria, Cuba, Sudan, and North Korea). Faculty and staff planning out-of-country travel may be required to travel without Agnes Scott College owned equipment or to obtain an export license before traveling.   

New employees

  • Staff
    • It is the responsibility of the hiring department to ensure new hires filling a vacant position have the appropriate computer equipment for their position.
    • If department leadership determines a new system is needed, the department must provide the funds for the purchase, otherwise the existing equipment in the vacant position will be repurposed.
    • If the hire is for a newly defined position, the department is responsible for covering the cost of the necessary computer equipment.
  • Faculty
    • The division of Academic Affairs will provide funds for new faculty hire computers unless designated college funds provided to the IT department are available.
    • The Vice President for Academic Affairs negotiates approved computer resources with new faculty.

Part-time Faculty

  • Part-time faculty will not be supplied with an individual computer. 
  • Shared thin-client systems will be made available for part-time faculty.