Training and Support

Ellucian Support Resources
Register for the “For Our Clients” Ellucian site to gain access to a variety of support resources.  Request a login here:  ITS will be notified of your request, and authorize your access. 

This access will allow you to access all Ellucian documentation, training schedule, software announcements and client communities.  It will also enable access to the Community Forum, a Datatel Users’ Community forum that facilitates communication between  Colleague clients with similar interests or issues

Ellucian Training
Training is available through Ellucian at their training sites in Fairfax, VA; Austin, TX and San Francisco, CA. The course descriptions and training schedules are available on-line. Courses and on-demand webinars are also available online 

Training at Agnes Scott College
Data managers are responsible for training the staff members in his or her area. Ellucian procedural documentation is available and some training guides can be purchased from Ellucian.  Agnes Scott College also uses highly qualified consultants to do training onsite if the subject matter and number of participants make this desirable.

Ellucian Users’ Group
There is an annual national conference in the Spring , as well as regional conferences, the closest being in Myrtle Beach every November. They are great places to make connections and learn new ways to use the Colleague and related software.