Summer School Courses

SUMMER SESSION I (May 27-June 26)

AST-120/120L The Solar System  ONLINE
(Instructor: Paul Wallace)

A survey of the solar system, including the planets, minor bodies and the sun. An overview of orbital motion, the properties of light and fundamentals of astronomical instrumentation. Includes a required laboratory component in which students learn introductory observational methods, including telescope alignment and calibration and visual, photographic and CCD observations of the sun, the moon, planets and stars.  Fulfills the Natural Science Distributional Requirement

ENG-230 Topics in Film Studies: Romantic Comedy  ONLINE
(Instructor: Willie Tolliver)

Approaches to film from the viewpoints of history, genre and technique. This course will focus on the films of Romantic Comedies.
Fulfills the Fine Arts and Literature Distributional Requirement

PH-101 Survey of Public Health ONLINE(Instructor: Amy Patterson)

Survey course that introduces the subdisciplines of public health. Introduces epidemiological, environmental, occupational, cultural, behavioral,
and policy issues relevant to the health of populations around the world. Includes a historical context for current health issues and global practices.

PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology:  Biological Foundation and Cognitive Processes  ONLINE
(Instructor: Bonnie Perdue)

This is one-half of a two-semester introduction to psychology. The course is about the nervous system as it pertains to behavior and cognition.
Students may take PSY-101 or PSY-102 first and each course is independent of the other. Fulfills the Social Science Standard.

WS-100 Introduction to Women’s Studies  ONLINE
(Instructor: Whitney Peoples)

Using feminist perspectives and scholarship, this interdisciplinary course examines the experiences of women in the United States, analyzes institutions and practices that affect women and develops connections to women in other cultures.
Fulfills the Social & Cultural Analysis Standard

SUMMER SESSION II (July 1-July 31)

ART-160 Visual Thinking I  ONLINE
(Instructor: Nell Ruby)

Introduction to drawing and design. We will explore issues of composition, color theory and creative development. Experiments with a variety of drawing and design media will develop students’ visual skills and individual style. 
Fulfills the Fine Arts and Literature Distributional Standard


BUS 225/B2B  Bridge to Business
(Instructor: Thomas Will)

Bridge to Business, a partnership between Agnes Scott College and the Georgia Institute of Technology's Scheller College of Business, is a three-week summer program designed to help Agnes Scott students explore their interest in business and an M.B.A.

ENG-214 American Literature since 1900  ONLINE
(Instructor: James Stamant)

Surveying literary movements and their cultural contexts in the United States since 1900, students read across genres to learn about American experiences as they are represented in literary and artistic movements like Realism, Naturalism, Modernism, and Postmodernism. We will examine the contextual and historical moments in which these movements parallel developments in industrialization and technology, immigration policies, civil and women’s rights, military conflicts, theories of multiculturalism, and the rise of digital culture in order to interrogate our national literary tradition.  Fulfills the Fine Arts and Literature Distributional Standard

FRE-202 Intermediate French II  ONLINE
(Instructor: James Terry)

Grammar review, oral and written comprehension, reading and composition. Continuation of  FRE-201 with emphasis on selected readings. Prerequisite: FRE 201 Fulfills the Foreign Language Distributional Requirement

HIS-101 Europe, Middle Ages to Enlightenment  ONLINE

(Instructor: Yael Manes)

European society and culture from the Middle Ages through the Enlightenment including: marriage and family, religion and religious reform, women and gender, popular and elite culture, science and medicine and interaction with world cultures and state building.
Fulfills the Humanistic Studies Distributional Requirement


MAT-115 Elementary Statistics  ONLINE

(Instructor: Alan Koch)

Statistical measures and distributions, probability and its application to statistical inference, linear correlation, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and applications in the natural and social sciences. A scientific calculator is required for this course.  Fulfills the Mathematics Distributional Requirement


PHY-211 Scientific Computing  ONLINE

(Instructor: Mariel Meier)

Lab-based course introducing computation and numerical analysis as used in the sciences. Introduction to the fundamentals of computational problem solving, the Unix operating system and applications. Students will use and modify existing programs as well as write their own. Semester projects will be built around areas of interest of enrolled students. 

THE-180 From Page to Stage to Screen  ONLINE
(Instructor: David Thompson)

This course uses digital tools to explore types of theatre and compare performance across media forums.  Fulfills the Fine Arts and Literature Distributional Requirement