Lasers and Laserfest

There are a variety of opportunities for Laser related research on campus. We also have opportunities for laser related outreach.

In October 2010, we were able to put on a Laserfest show, called Beam Me Up Scottie! due to a Laserfest On the Road grant that we received. The show featured lots of hands on demonstrations of light and lasers. To learn more about the show and the demonstrations, visit our Laserfest website.

Or, if you would like to learn more about the demonstrations directly from our faculty and students, view the video descriptions of the demonstrations below:

Laser Radar (Lidar)

Laser Telephone

Hands on Optics Demonstrations

Lasers in the Movies

Laser Spectroscopy

If you are a school local to Agnes Scott College, there are also opportunities for students to come here and learn more about lasers and for some of the demonstrations to come to your schools. Please contact Amy Sullivan at for more information.