Video Recording Policy

The Educational Technology Center (ETC) staff will provide video recording support for college events which are listed below.  These events are identified as having a historical, institutional or academic importance and have been designated by the library archivist or college officers to be placed into the college archives.    All events require a Video Project Request form be completed before the recording takes place.  A minimum two week turnaround time for processing a video (i.e., making copies, minor edits, etc.) should be anticipated. 

Events that will be recorded
*Events with an asterisk occur during the fall and spring semesters.

  1. Commencement
  2. Baccalaureate
  3. Black Cat’s Junior Production
  4. Convocations
  5. Grant/donor funded lectures (e.g. Gladden, Hart, Dunaway, Hubert, Chao)
  6. Writers’ Festival (recording only the keynote speakers)
  7. A.C.M.E lectures *
  8. Faith and Learning
  9. PBK Visiting Scholars
  10. Ethics lecture *
  11. Alumna-in-residence
  12. Orchestra*
  13. Joyful Noise *
  14. Kirk concerts *
  15. Black Friars Theatre *
  16. Dance recitals (will film one ) *
  17. Center for Teaching and Learning events*
  18. Theatreworks*

Events that will not be recorded
Events in this category will not be recorded by the ETC staff.  Departments, organizations or individuals can 1) check out a camera and related equipment from the library and choose to have the ETC staff train a representative of their department or a student worker to handle the video recording or 2) ETC staff can recommend an outside contractor from a list of preferred vendors to record your event.

  1. Personal recordings for students and faculty (student and faculty recitals, etc.)
  2. Club or student organizations
  3. Events hosted by off-campus groups (e.g., Decatur Book Festival keynote speaker) 
  4. Events hosted by individual academic and non-academic departments not included in the list above

Rev. August 2013