Amelia Golcheski - Ashley Lawrie

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Amelia Golcheski

Amelia Golcheski '14
Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox, Virginia as the revisionist to revisionist history

Lindsey Gomes

Lindsey Gomes '14
Technology Guru, GG Electric Inc., Tacoma, WA

Gabe Hall

Gabe Hall '14
ART Fellow, Ashoka University

Lu (Lois) Hao

Lu (Lois) Hao '14
PhD, East Asian History, Northwestern University

Mercedez Hart

Mercedez Hart '14
Art Instructor, Color Wheel Studio
Independent Contractor, Central Garden and Pet

Maija Hatton

Maija Hatton '14
ART Fellowship, Ashoka University,
New Delhi, India

Sparkle Hodge

Sparkle Hodge '14
MSW, Boston College, Rutgers University, University of Michigan (not decided yet)

Alex Holliday

Alex Holliday '14
MS, History and Archives, Simmons College

Chelsey Jenkins

Chelsey Jenkins '14
Teach for America, Eastern Carolina

Hongli Jiang

Hongli Jiang '14
MS, Quantitative Computational Finance, Georgia Tech

Yun (Winnie) Jiang

Yun (Winnie) Jiang '14
PhD, Organization and Management, Yale University

Carlisa Johnson

Carlisa Johnson '14
Communications Coordinator and Executive Assistant,
Docs Near You;
signed a contract for voice acting, studio singing, stage/film acting, Cassandra Young Agency

Alexis Johnson '14
Reseacher, Abel Screening Inc.

Meghan Joyce

Meghan Joyce '14
substitute art teacher, Color Wheel

Jessica LaJoie

Jessica LaJoie '14
MS, Film and Television Studies, Boston University; Teaching Assistant, School of Communication

Ashley Lawrie

Ashley Lawrie '14
Research and Teaching Fellowship, Ashoka University, India