Department Chairs Info

Acting as an Academic Administrator and Agent of the Institution

ASC Organizational Chart
Academic Affairs Organizational Chart
Statement of Duties from the Handbook
Department Budgeting Process
Blue Mail
Teaching Schedules
Curricular Change Form

Administering an Effective Department or Program

Writing Assessment Plans and Reports
Planning Calendar for Chairs
Classroom Observations of Part-time Faculty

Staffing Issues

Requesting Faculty Positions through the Curriculum Committee
Staffing Recommendation Form
Hiring Adjunct Faculty
Faculty Search Process
Guidelines for Faculty Recruitment
Leaves and Sabbaticals
Course Release Form
Course Evaluations
Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Process
Faculty Discipline and Dismissal
Academic Freedom

Legal Consideration

Accommodating Employees with Disabilities
Harassment - Sexual and Other Types
Intellectual Property Basics
Family and Medical Leave Act
General Release and Waiver for Students Going on Field Trips
Confidentiality of Personnel Information
Disability Services Guide

Student Issues

Academic Advising Issues
Academic Honesty:  The Honor Code and Honor Court
Accommodating Students with Disabilities
Study Abroad Guide for Chairs
Grading Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy and Process
Consensual Sexual Relationships
Privacy of Student Records:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Hiring Student Workers:  Work-study Eligibility Check
Student Handbook


Crisis Management

On-going Assistance

Role of Faculty Services