Majors and Minor

Interpretation of the past through literature, language, history, art and archeology is at the heart of classics. By reconstructing the histories, values and philosophies of ancient Greek and Roman societies, you’ll come to understand many of the traditions and institutions of our modern-day cultures. Agnes Scott offers two majors and one minor in the field of classics.

Classical Languages Major
The classical languages major concentrates on language proficiency in Greek and Latin and is complemented by the study of the history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome.

Classical Civilization Major or Minor
The classical civilization major and minor are designed for the study of culture through the history, literature, material remains, art and philosophical thought of the period while enabling facility in one or both languages.

Research & Presentation Opportunities
You’ll have many opportunities to conduct research in collaboration with your professors and on your own. An advantage of attending Agnes Scott is that you have the option to present your research at the college’s Spring Annual Research Conference (SpARC). This provides you with experience normally reserved for graduate students at other institutions. In addition, you can present research each year at the Sunoikisis Consortium’s Undergraduate Research Conference at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C., and the Classical Association of the Middle West and South’s conference session for undergraduate papers.

Cross-Collegiate Collaboration
In advanced Latin classes, you’ll regularly participate in collaborative courses through the Sunoikisis Consortium of Classics Programs. These unique classes combine traditional class meetings with weekly, live-streamed lectures and discussions led by the faculty who co-create and co-teach the course. Participating institutions include DePauw University, Rhodes College and Washington and Lee University.

Study Abroad Opportunities
Gain first-hand knowledge of ancient civilizations by traveling to Greece or Italy among many other locations in Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. Agnes Scott offers faculty-led programs such as Global Awareness as well as independent study-abroad opportunities.

If you’re an Agnes Advantage Award recipient, you can apply your award to a study-abroad trip. Classics students may also apply for financial support through the Zenn Travel Award.

Internships & Other Experiential Opportunities
Classics students have interned at institutions such as The Children’s Museum of Atlanta and the High Museum of Art. In addition, many classics courses are enriched with trips to museums and other exhibits, as well as to lectures and cultural events in metro Atlanta.

You also now have the opportunity to intern at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C. At the center, you’ll receive hands-on training in digital technologies for the classics, assist instructors in creating collaborative courses, and aid visitors to the center and scholars in residence.