Current Courses


Art History & Theory                              

ART-150   ART HISTORY                                                                        

Sadler 11:30-12:45 MW

Introduction to the major paintings, sculptures and architectural monuments from the pyramids to postmodernism. Discussion of stylistic movements, the importance of viewing works in context and the broadening of the canon in the dialogue of non-Western and Western art. This one-semester course is a prerequisite for all upper-level courses in art history.


ART-160   VISUAL THINKING I                                                                 

Ruby 1-3:15 MW, Beidler 10:30-12:45 TTh

Introduction to drawing and design. Students will explore issues of composition, color theory and creative development.  Experiments with a variety of drawing and design media will develop students’ visual skills and individual style.


ART-202   THE MIDDLE AGES: IMAGES AND IDEAS                                      

Sadler, 2-3:15 MW

Key monuments from the Early Christian through the Gothic periods will be examined. Issues of patronage, the impact of the changing liturgy on art, the interaction of economic, social and political factors on the production of cathedrals and monasteries, sculpture, stained glass and the luxury arts will be addressed in this course.

          Prerequisite: ART-150 or permission of the instructor

          Offered alternate years

          (Cross-listed with REL-202)


ART-225   HISTORY OF PHOTOGRAPHY                                                     

Smith, 8:30-9:45 TTh

This course focuses on photography from the mid-nineteenth century (c. 1839) to the present. It examines the invention of photography and photography’s evolution in both aesthetic and technical/technological terms. 



Smith, 2-5 TTh

Over the past decades, artists have engaged spatial practices to change existing definitions of art objects to enact institutional, cultural, and political critiques. This course examines artistic practices in a variety of media, which create dialogues with architectural form and urban space.  


ART-240   DRAWING AND COMPOSITION I                                                 

Moon, 9:30-12 MW

Problems in representation with a focus on life drawing and the human body. Experimentation with drawing media and various styles of drawing. Emphasis on personal expression and thematic discovery.

          Prerequisite: ART-160


ART-242   PRINTMAKING PROCESSES I                                                      

Beidler 1-3:30 MW

Introduction to printmaking processes with a focus on image content and creative development. Printing processes may include monoprint, relief, intaglio, silkscreen, book arts and photographic processes in printmaking.

                             Prerequisite: ART-160

ART-243   THREE-DIMENSIONAL THINKING I                                               

Ruby, 10:30-12:35 TTh

Introduction to three-dimensional art making with a focus on mass, space and light. Emphasis on exploration of materials and conceptual development. Projects may include sculptural, environmental, time-based, sound-based, performative and kinetic works.

          Prerequisite: ART-160


ART-330   THE ART OF PORTRAITURE                                                       

Sadler, 10-11:15 TTh

Survey of the variety of approaches to portraiture from Antiquity to the present; examines and interrogates the motivations behind particular approaches and styles while also contextualizing artists within the art of their eras.

          Prerequisite: ART-150 and a 200-level course or permission of instructor

          Offered alternate years


ART-340   DRAWING AND COMPOSITION II                                                

Moon, 9:30-12 MW

Advanced studies in drawing

          Prerequisite: ART-240


ART-342   PRINTMAKING PROCESSES II                                                     

Beidler, 1-3:30 MW

Advanced studies in printmaking

          Prerequisite: ART-242


ART-343   THREE-DIMENSIONAL THINKING II                                              

Ruby, 10:30-12:35 TTh

Advanced studies in sculpture

          Prerequisite: ART-243


ART-360   THINKING THROUGH ART AND ART HISTORY                                

Ruby, 2-5 Tues

This process seminar develops skills in methods and methodology, research, and visual and contextual analysis to prepare students to more meaningfully engage the rigor of projects in the capstone courses in art and art history.                                                                                                 Prerequisite: ART-150 or ART-160, and a 200-level studio art or art  history course