Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research offers you the opportunity to work collaboratively on research and creative activity with our faculty across campus and around the world. Over 80% of Agnes Scott students experience the exhilaration that comes with exploring a problem in depth and learning to create new knowledge.

Agnes Advantage Numbers


On-Campus Opportunities

Your journey as a researcher begins with your First-Year Seminar, designed as an introduction to college-level thinking, writing, and research skills. Upper-division courses build upon these skills, providing special opportunities that involve research and creative activity. These range from Senior Seminars and Practicums in specific departments to Special Studies and Independent Studies, designed to provide juniors and seniors in all academic departments the opportunity to conduct advanced undergraduate research or creative activity. For those students interested in the fields of math and science, The Science Center for Women provides students majoring in the sciences advice and guidance in pursuing their interests, including student-faculty research opportunities with members of the science faculty.

Sharing Your Research

Notable among the many venues that you will have for sharing your research  is Agnes Scott’s Spring Annual Research Conference (SpARC). In addition, you may be able to present or publish the results of your research (including individual and joint presentations, papers and articles) at national conferences and in professional journals. This will give you a competitive advantage in applying to graduate and professional schools or applying for your first job.

Off-Campus Research

Off-campus research opportunities are also abundant. The Global Awareness Program offers short-term study abroad trips that often form the basis of significant research projects; recent destinations have included Costa Rica, Ireland, New Zealand, and Benin. Faculty in German Studies, Spanish and biology have taken students on study and research trips to Germany, Spain and the  Caribbean. Students in dance and theatre regularly perform at national theatre and dance festivals. Because of its location in Atlanta, Agnes Scott also has an ongoing cooperative research arrangement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention where our students are able to work and conduct research with CDC faculty and staff.

Advantage Awards

All Agnes Scott juniors and seniors have the opportunity to engage in research, and students whose research requires travel, summer work or the purchase of specialized technology or materials may apply for an Advantage Award to support their work. Awards can be used to provide support for research in the summer, or during a break, for a project in a senior seminar, a directed or special study course, or other appropriate course. This support can include living expenses and travel to a conference to present your research. Funds can also be used to purchase books, software and other materials or equipment that you need for your project. The Award may also provide stipendiary support for if you are working with a faculty member on a research project during the summer or during the academic year.