Group Tours

Group Tours

Thank you for encouraging your group to tour Agnes Scott’s historical campus. Group tours are only offered during certain months of the academic year and consist of a 30-minute admission overview and an hour-long, student-led walking tour. Please carefully review the following information and policies about group tour reservations, cancellations and tour types.

Reservation Policies

  • Group tours are available in September, October, February and March. Group tours may be arranged in April only for high school juniors and older.

  • Groups are limited to 50 people or less, and we ask that a chaperone is provided for every 10 students.

  • Requests are accepted four weeks to four months in advance.

  • Tour requests are only confirmed once you receive both an email with your tour date and time and a phone call from our visit coordinator.

  • Group tours consist of a 30-minute admission overview and an hour-long, student-led walking tour. Visitors are welcome in our dining hall; see prices, hours and menus at Evans Dining Hall.

Cancellation Policies

  • Tour groups are asked to make cancellations at least 48 hours prior to their scheduled tour time.

  • Groups cancelling their tour within 48 hours of their scheduled tour time will have future requests reviewed before approval.

  • Groups who do not show for their scheduled tour times may be denied future requests.

Tour Types

Select the description that best fits your group:
  • Prospective Student Tour (Grades 9-10, Transfer Students): As a premier liberal arts college for women, Agnes Scott welcomes groups of prospective female students. Prospective student groups include high school women, potential transfer students and nontraditional students.

  • Early College Access (Grades 7-8): Early college access tours are offered in September and October. Tours include an overview of the college selection process and a student-led walking tour of campus.

  • Co-Educational and Non-Undergraduate: Offered in September and October. While we welcome all visitors to campus, priority will be given to groups consisting of prospective student populations.

Request Your Group Tour

Please email with your tour type, preferred date and time and size of your group. Accommodations are subject to the availability of tour guides.