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Academic Credit Policies

Nontraditional Student Academic Credit Policies

Transfer Credits

To apply transfer credits toward your Agnes Scott degree, your academic credits:

  • Must have been earned at other regionally accredited institutions
  • Are subject to the same regulations as those of transfer students, with the exception of the minimum course load
  • Must meet Agnes Scott College standards
  • Must earn a C- or better in applicable courses

No more than 64 semester hours will be counted toward the 128 semester hours required for your Agnes Scott degree. Agnes Scott does not award credit for life experiences or military training.

Agnes Scott Time Limits

Woodruff Scholars may attend full time or part time. Full time at Agnes Scott is 16 credit hours per semester. If you seek a degree as a part-time student, you must complete your degree within:

  • Eight years of enrollment if initially classified as a first-year student
  • Six years of enrollment if classified as a sophomore
  • Four years of enrollment if classified as a junior or a senior

Please note that institutional financial aid is restricted to eight semesters for full-time student.