Financial Aid Forms for 2014-2015

Please submit all forms to the Office of Financial Aid upon completion.

Citizenship Status Verification
When a student completes the FAFSA and the Social Security Administration is unable to confirm that they are a U.S. citizen, the student needs to complete this form and attach documentation certifying that they are a U.S. citizen before they can be packaged with financial aid.

Dislocated Worker Status Verification
Parents who identified as dislocated workers on the FAFSA will need to complete this form to document their status.

Documenting Georgia Residency
All Georgia residents must complete this form and attach residency documentation to receive state aid. Dependent students should attach a parental document. Generally, this form is only submitted once.

Eligible Non-citizen Status Verification
If a student files the FAFSA and the Department of Homeland Security is unable to confirm that they are an eligible non-citizen, the student must complete this form and attach appropriate documentation in order to be packaged with financial aid.

Emancipated Minor, Legal Guardianship, or Ward of the Court Confirmation
Any student who identified as an emancipated minor, ward of the court, or said they were in a legal guardianship on the FAFSA need to complete this form and attach appropriate documentation.

Federal Direct PLUS Loan
We encourage you to apply online; this document will guide you through the process. Parents are strongly encouraged to request a loan for the entire academic year when applying. If you need to submit the request by mail, use this form.

Financial Aid Appeal Form
This form allows the financial aid office to evaluate changes in a family's financial situation such as loss of a job, death or divorce of a parent, or extremely high medical expenses to better reflect the family's ability to cover educational costs.

Financial Aid Application Summer
Agnes Scott Students can submit this form to see what types and amounts of financial aid they might be eligible for during summer school. This form can be used for students studying at Agnes Scott or at other institutions for summer school. For most types of aid, a student must be enrolled at least half-time (6 hours.) Federal aid for summer is limited to any unused loans or grants from the previous academic year.

International Student Financial Aid Appeal Form
International students who have experienced an extraordinary change in financial circumstances may submit an appeal to have their financial aid re-evaluated.

Unaccompanied or Homeless Youth Form
Students who identified as homeless on the FAFSA need to complete this form to document their status.

Verification Worksheet (Dependent or Independent)
All students who are selected for Verification must complete a Verification Worksheet. Students and parents who did not use IRS Data Retrieval on their FAFSA will also need to submit their most recent tax transcript from the IRS.

Consortium Arrangement
This form allows the Office of Financial Aid to process federal aid for a student who is studying as a transient at another institution, typically during the summer. It must be signed by the Office of Academic Advising and by the host school. Because other schools have different payment deadlines, students are encouraged to initially pay out of pocket for courses taken elsewhere. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours to receive federal aid, and they are limited to any unused portion of their current year's financial aid.